Dimension is a work in progress. The following FAQs will continue to be updated as the Dimension network evolves. The exact structures and technologies to be included are not finalized and are liable to change with continued research.

All information expressed on this Site are subject to change without notice, and you should always perform appropriate due diligence and seek professional advice before making trades or investment decisions.

1. What is Dimension?

Dimension is an open source blockchain project, committed to building a next-generation enterprise-grade blockchain network service, by using C.H.A.O.S. (hybrid consensus, dynamic node, and cross-consensus engine) and DeCommerce service framework (decentralized storage system, decentralized computing framework, and decentralized data trading platform). With the adaptive functionality of the multi-sidechain model, Dimension-X, Dimension satisfies different needs from different business scenarios. It also features a cutting edge community governance system, which facilitates a more efficient and more friendly blockchain environment and ecosystem.

  • What is C.H.A.O.S.?

The Cross-Hybrid Automated Operating System, as known as C.H.A.O.S., contains three core modules: the hybrid consensus - HPoS, Dynamic Node, and the cross consensus engine - Consensus X. The system adopts the benefits of the multi-consensus algorithm, enhances the scalability and adaptivity of the network with the dynamic node, and supports the pluggability and switchability of cross consensus network operations.

  • What is DeCommerce?

The decentralized commercial framework, DeCommerce, focuses on providing enterprise-grade decentralized network services, including the data storage system - DeCloud, the computing framework - DeRender, and the data trading platform - DeTrade, which provides multi-party collaborative participation for business users and ensures the privacy and security of data and transaction.

  • What is Dimension-X?

The multi-sidechain model, Dimension-X, provides decentralized blockchain solutions for enterprises from different industries through Dimension's sidechains, such as Dimension-E, Dimension-D, and Dimension-S. Dimension-X is structured on stable and flexible technology architecture, with adaptive and rapid deployment ability, which largely reduces the risks and cost of implementing a decentralized business model. Furthermore, Dimension-X will continue to iterate and expand, and its goal is to provide the best commercial framework for decentralized businesses.

2. What consensus algorithm does Dimension use?

Dimension proposes a new type of consensus mechanism, Hybrid Proof of Stake (HPoS). HPoS will be implemented in two phases, HPoS-P and HPoS-R. In the first phase, HPoS-P, a PBTF-based consensus mechanism that uses permission voting system and majority rules of delegation will be implemented.  In the second phase, the upgraded hybrid consensus design, HPoS-R, will be implemented based on Robust Byzantine Fault Tolerance (RBFT), which further improves the robustness and simplicity of the system.

3. Who is building the Dimension?

Dimension Foundation, based in Singapore, is responsible for building the Dimension network, including managing, contracting and coordinating for the development of the project. Since Dimension is an open-source project, Dimension Foundation will be coordinating with third-party teams who are interested in the development of the main network and sidechain projects as well.

On the business & ecosystem side, Dimension Foundation is also responsible for driving commercial adoption, seeking enterprise partnerships and growing a global community for Dimension.

The core leadership of Dimension Foundation comes from various backgrounds and different countries. We have a global partner from a well-known blockchain venture capital institution, global community leaders of a top 10 blockchain project, a former Wall Street private equity firm executive, a fintech security consultant, a data scientist in financial and IT firms and a systems architect in large-scale commercial platforms.

4. What is EON and how do I get it?

Every blockchain project has a token of value. The token in Dimension network is called EON. Theoretically, the intrinsic value of a token comes from a store of value and medium of exchange. In EON, additional utility value can be possibly found from its network effects, business usages, and future growth.

In addition, according to Dimension's pre-designed incentive mechanism, a node operator will be rewarded with EONs, by completing various tasks such as producing blocks, validating transactions and receiving votes. On the other hand, EON-holders can vote any preferable node operator with their tokens, and receive a specific amount of EON rewards after the lock-up period.

In order to get EON publicly, investors have to wait until certain exchanges willing to list EON so it can be purchased and sold. More listing information will be announced after the exchange launch and can be found at http://dimensionchain.io/news.html

5. What are the total supply and current circulated supply of EON?

The total supply of EON is 2 billion tokens and the current circulating supply of EON is less than 10%; most of them are coming from the airdrops by exchange and community holdings.

Dimension Foundation will execute token repurchase & burn programs each year, through revenues from ecosystem projects such as digital exchange service charge and technology licensing fee. The token burning record will be broadcasted to the network once it’s done.

6. What was the initial distribution of EON?

Dimension Foundation will suggest that 45% of the EON go to community reserves, including Dapp incubation, social marketing, offline meetup, and community contributor incentive. 20% go to team allocation, 10% go to foundation reserves, and the remaining 25% to be distributed according to the results of the cornerstone institutions and private investors.

7. When will the Dimension mainnet launch?

Dimension is running testnet stably at current stage and the mainnet will be expected to launch in Q3 2019.

8. I’m a developer, can I build a DApp on Dimension? Will I get any support from the Dimension Foundation?

Yes, Dimension Foundation always encourages developers to build their own DApps on Dimension.  You can contact us at contact@dimensionchain.io for support.

9. How can I join the community?

Dimension is an open-source project and the always looking for fellow volunteers and developers to build together, not only the source code but also the proposal of blockchain governance.  We'd love to hear from you and answer your questions! Find us online on Github, and follow us on Facebook/Twitter.

10. Where can I find more information about Dimension?

You can find more details and documents about Dimension via the official website http://dimensionchain.io/documents.html and follow us on Facebook/Twitter for the latest news.

Risk Disclosure

IMPORTANT!!! Any investment in blockchain asset is involved with extreme high-risk,  market speculation and price fluctuation. Investors in Dimension and/or EON may lose up to the entire value of funds contributed.

Dimension network may not be successfully developed or may not function as intended. Dimension is still at its early stage of development, and it is still possible that Dimension will meet difficulties and experience malfunctions or otherwise fail to be adequately developed or maintained, which may negatively impact the business values of Dimension or EON.

Dimension Foundation may not be successful and may not be able to successfully develop the Dimension network due to project difficulties such as lack of technical skill and expertise, scarcity in management, scientific research and human resource.

EON’s market value will be extremely volatile due to innovation and speculation. The repurchase & re-offering economic model of EON will have different level of market impacts on EON from time to time. For this and for many other reasons, the past performance of EON is not a guarantee of future results.

Nature of the legal relationship between EON and its holders is unclear. There is no clear legal definition or economic explanation of the token with its utility or intrinsic value. Moreover, the regulatory treatment and governmental authorities on Dimension network and EON are uncertain, may be varied across different countries, states, provinces, jurisdictions, and also may be changed from time to time.