Fernando Liu

Chief Executive Officer

Fernando Liu is the Founder & Director of Abacus, a clean energy private equity fund, and the former Asia-Pacific Region President of the Wall Street investment fund Barron Partners.

Fernando had participated in investing into more than 50 Chinese public companies, a list including companies such as FSIN, SPU, ONP, and HRBN, and assisted a few of them in their IPO launching on either the NYSE or NASDAQ stock exchanges.


Randall Foster

Director of Global R&D

Randall Foster is a 20+ year accomplished entrepreneur, global business builder, sales and operational executive, and startup investor. Foster has founded, grown, advised, and invested in multiple businesses spanning hardware, software, and services, introducing innovations to multiple global markets.

Foster is currently President & CEO at Sports Challenge Network, where he is charged with the rapid expansion of XBowling throughout the league bowling community and eventually to broader casual bowling population.


Aditi Saxena

Data Scientist

Aditi Saxena is a data scientist with solid background of big data, she works directly with industry experts to translate customers’ business needs into mathematical models or provides a creative approach based on data analysis. The client includes Morgan Stanley and American Express.  

Aditi believes that by combining the big data with the block chain, the data in the block chain can be more valuable, and the prediction and analysis of the big data can be put into action, which will be the cornerstone of the digital economy era.


Edwin Liu

Marketing Director

Edwin was the former Senior Real Estate Marketing and Sales Deputy Manager at Sutton Real Estate Realty, and with decade-long accumulation of experience in project marketing and event planning, in 2013, he began to step into the world of blockchain technology with the intent to transform this space. Edwin became a robust force in his stance in various cryptocurrency communities.


Oliver Church

Director of Fintech Security

Being a cybersecurity expert, Oliver has worked as a software engineer and security consultant for numerous online payment related technology companies. Outside of his responsibilities at Dimension, Oliver also works as an IT security consultant for Yell IT, a cybersecurity services company based in Brisbane, Australia.

His expertise shines in the design and maintenance of data security standards and policies along with the enumeration and auditing of security systems on all levels of the OSI model.


Martyna Basara

Strategic Partnership Manager

For the past several years Martyna has worked in lead customer service in the technology industry. Her experience includes successfully leading market takeover projects and taking care of Public Relations for various companies. She gained her managerial skills while working at Uber and blockchain based e-commerce startup. She is Women in Data Science Ambasador.


Melvin Adams

Director of Community Management

Melvin is a Chinese-American content creator passionate of the blockchain space and is an experienced moderator and community manager for various cryptocurrency channels. He has experience with creating promotional graphics and has generated many blog posts and videos on the topic of various blockchain-related projects, and is experienced in the fundamental analysis of major projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Research Team

Applied Blockchain & Crypto Labs is a leading development lab that focuses on researching blockchain technology and building decentralized solution. ABC Labs currently serves as the chief development team for delivering Dimension.

Investors / Consultants


Jon Carnes

Investment Directorof Eos Holdings LLC
(A private equity investment fund
founded in 2004)


Alvin Chan

CEO & Founder of
Magic Oranges &

Guest Lecturer of
Fudan University

Zeng Liang

Zeng Liang

Internet Entrepreneur
Angel Investor

Ex-Microsoft and Baidu Executive

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